2013-2014 TVS Power Upgrade

This year we’ve been working on a couple of parts for the new 13-14 TVS Superchargers. After seeing what our friend, Kleen93GT, ran down the 1/4 mile with our ported TVS and Pulley Combo , we knew that these blowers had great if not incredible potential.
PB of 9.76 with a stock 5.4 Iron block, full weight GT500 is no laughing matter.

The parts in question…

An All New BPS Twin 73mm T/B & Oversized Elbow
We tested this exact combo on our own 07 GT500 shop car and the results are exceptional!

TVS GT500 6 speed record stands at 9.327@148.35mph

best 60ft 1.347
best 330ft 3.885
best 1/8 5.981
best 1/8 mph 117.42
best 1/4 9.327
best mph 148.35

5.4L Iron Block
9:1 compression
2013 Stock GT500 Cams
ATI 15% Lower
2013 BPS Ported TVS
BPS 2.396” Pulley
BPS Twin 73mm T/B
BPS Oversized Elbow
+ Supporting Mods

These parts will become available 1st quarter of 2014. Pricing and further details will be released soon.

Prototype BPS Twin 73mm



Latest Rendering of the BPS CNC Machined Oversized Elbow