How To: BOV Installation on Focus ST

One of the most popular first mods for the Focus ST is the changing of the blow-off valve. Simple and quick, let’s get to it!

First step is to either place the ST on a lift or jack the front passenger side of the car. (Please be sure to put a jack stand, you never know…)


Remove the wheel and you will have relatively easy access to the BOV.

Remove the vacuum line by removing the clamp using a pair of long nose pliers.



Once that is unplugged you may go ahead and remove the three (3) 5 mm socket cap screws.

Now you can remove the OEM BOV and reinstall your Turbosmart BOV. They come preset from the manufacturer and do not require any adjustment. Be sure to use the included stainless steel hardware when reinstalling.


Reinstall the BOV the same way as factory with the plate over the BOV flange. Once bolted up you may plug the vacuum hose. We had to play around a bit with it to find the ideal position so it doesn’t kink.


There you have it!



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