HOW TO: Install WOT Box in 2014 GT500

Today’s write up will be on how to install the N2MB WOT Box in a 2014 Shelby GT500. We’ve been having a few calls lately on how to install these so lets clear things up shall we?

Remove your front passenger wheel.

20141030_111741          20141030_112033

Remove the rear portion of the inner fender by removing the 4 push clips.


While we’re there, cut the nipple of the rubber grommet that is located behind the rear passenger inner fender as shown.


Now remove the radiator cover. This will give you more room for further steps and will also prevent you from scratching it while working.


Next, remove your battery and battery box.

20141030_105516          20141030_105956

Remove the passenger side kick panel and fish the WOT box wire from the inside out through the hole in the grommet. (We taped the harness to make it look cleaner and easier to work with).

20141030_113126          20141030_113202

20141030_112924 Keep the black ground wire untapped.

Fish the wire up through the hole located underneath the battery box. Here, we used wire loom to make for a clean and subtle installation.


Route the wires towards the PCM and unplug all three connectors.


Remove the rear portion of the plastic connectors and remove enough loom to access the wires.

-TOP Connector: Splice and solder the GREEN WOT Box wire to the GREEN/VIOLET Wire on PIN 21.

-MIDDLE Connector: Splice and solder the YELLOW WOT Box wire to the YELLOW/VIOLET wire on PIN 13.

-BOTTOM Connector: Splice and solder the BLUE WOT Box wire to the BLUE/WHITE wire on PIN 29.



Notice how the wires are numbered? Make sure you have the correct PIN number before splicing.


Once that’s done and taped back up, plug the connectors back in their respectful places.

Separate the top portion of the fuse box by gently pulling in the tabs and lifting the top portion of fuse box upwards.


Next, find the YELLOW/GREEEN wire. Cut this wire, making sure to leave enough room on either side to splice and weld the two remaining WOT box wires. Join the RED WOT Box wire to the wire end coming from the fuse box. Join the ORANGE WOT Box wire to the end leading away from the fuse box. Make sure to use the supplied heat shrink when splicing and welding!


Last but not least, route the connector end up through the glove compartment and find a suitable location for your ground behind the kick panel. Here’s is where we like to install ours.

20141030_125234          20141030_125130

Plug your WOT Box and plug the usb into a labtop computer. Download the latest N2MB software here and make sure to have you WOT Box set up as shown below.


Suggested RPM Launch control to start off with: 2800 RPM

No lift feature should be set to AUTO for first users. Once you get the hang of it you may manually set your desired ignition cut time. I personally put mine at 50ms.

Test the WOT Box with ignition on but car NOT running. With foot on clutch pedal check to see if the WOT Box flashes when the gas pedal is pressed all the way.

It’s flashing? Great! Now go ahead and try it!

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