BPS GT500 Single Belt Setup

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The ultimate setup to free up every bit of HP out of your engine.

Our Single belt drive setup deletes the accessory belt along with its pulleys and transfers the alternator to the passenger side. This in hand will also require you to delete the mechanical water pump, hydraulic power-steering (if applicable), factory oil cooler and factory lower radiator hose.

Included in this package is:

-BPS Passenger Side Alternator Brackets

-New Previous Gen. Ford Alternator

-BPS 10% or 25% Underdrive 10 Rib Alternator Pulley

-Meziere Water Pump

-Oil filter adapter with modded water neck

-BPS Water Pump High Tension idler (W/ Ceramic bearings)

-BPS Water Pump Bracket

-All necessary mounting hardware

NOTE: This package requires modification of the thermostat housing and custom hose routing. Will not fit with electronic power-steering.

*Intended for racecars ONLY*

MPN: EN006
Pulley Size Options
10% Underdrive, 25% Underdrive

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