Cortex Electronic Boost Controller

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The Cortex EBC is the best bang for the buck electronic boost controller currently available.  An extremely flexible set of open/closed loop boost control parameters combined with powerful configuration and data logging PC software provide the Cortex EBC with the necessary tools to fine tune every aspect of your boost curve.  If you require gear, RPM, vehicle speed, or throttle position based boost control the Cortex EBC is your solution.  In addition, the Cortex EBC has been equipped with two programmable outputs that can be used to add precision PWM control to your water/methanol injection, nitrous, or intercooler sprayer systems based on boost, RPM, vehicle speed, and throttle position.


-Gear, RPM, Vehicle Speed, and Throttle Position Based Boost Control
-PID Based Feedback Control Algorithm
-Advanced Overboost Protection
-Memory Storage for 6 Boost Control Configurations
-36.0 PSI or 100.0 PSI Pressure Sensor
-Fast Acting 3-Port or 4-Port Boost Control Solenoid (BCS)
-Two Programmable Outputs With Progressive (PWM) Capabilities
-Software Based Configuration and Data Logging


-1 x Cortex EBC Device
-1x Cortex EBC Wiring Harness
-1x 3-Port or 4-Port BCS
-6-foot USB Mini-B Cable
-10 feet of 1/8″ ID Silicone Vacuum Hose
-6 feet of 3/16″ ID Silicone Vacuum Hose
-1x 1/8″ Hose Barb (1/8 NPT Male)
-3x 3/16″ Hose Barb (1/8 NPT Male)
-1x 1/8″ Hose Tee
-2x 3/16″ Hose Tee
-1x 3/16″ to 1/8″ Hose Reducer
-12x Zip Ties

Connecting magnetic/VR/inductive sensors and two-wire hall effect sensors to the Cortex EBC will require the use of a speed sensor adapter.  These adapters output a 0 – 12 V pulsed speed signal that matches the frequency of the signal produced by a magnetic/VR/inductive sensor or two-wire hall effect sensor.

Download-EBC Software

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