The only way to truly eliminate any oil contamination in your intake is simply by not routing your pcv system to it but rather routing it to your merge collectors. This venturi style system burns away oil vapors but also creates a vacuum which in turn helps with superior ring seal. The decreased blow-by, especially in E-85 powered cars, will help maintain a longer oil life.

This system includes:
-12 braided E-85 safe hose (10 ft)
2 x one-way valves
2 x weld-in exhaust fittings
2 x 90 degree -12 hose ends
2 x BPS -12 valve cover fittings (GT500 and Coyote application)
2 x worm gear clamps

Not intended for street use. Oil accumulation in headers may occur when vehicle has been sitting for an extended period. May be used in conjunction with oil separator.
MPN: U002

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