Vibrant - Universal Catch Can, Recirculating Closed Loop Top- Anodized Black

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Vibrant Performance universal catch cans are made of aluminum and have a port tapped that’s perfect for running a breather filter. Their bottom end cap threads-on for added security, and they include an O-ring to ensure a leak-free seal. The recovery can tops are available in various styles, and unique mounting brackets are included. Order the model best suited for your application.

Tank Features:

  • 4″ diameter x 8″ height T6061 Aluminum body
  • Includes two -10 line fittings (Recessed Top Filter).
  • Includes four -10 line fittings (Recirculating Top Closed Loop).
  • Drain plug included at bottom for drainage or return feed to oil pan.
  • Stainless mounting bracket can be clocked for ideal mounting position.
  • Internally baffled to prevent particles from escaping.
  • Recessed filter top design or recirculating top design.
  • Dip stick included for fluid level check intervals.

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